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Organic Certified Welcome to the Farm
What does "Certified Organic" mean?

"Certified Organic" means the item has been grown according to strict uniform standards that are verified by independent state or private organizations. Certification includes inspections of farm fields and processing facilities, detailed record keeping . . .

Thornhill Blueberry Farm is loacted in Poplarville, Mississippi. For questions or comments, please see our contact page.

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Healthy and Delicious

Prevention Magazine Goes Wild Over Blueberries And Their Anti-Aging Potential

In the June 1999 issue of Prevention magazine, blueberries take center stage as the “Miracle Berry.”

Nutrients The Farm

Blueberries consist of 14% carbohydrates, 0.7% protein, 0.3% fat and 84% water. They contain only negligible amounts of micronutrients, with moderate levels of the essential dietary mineral manganese, vitamin C, vitamin K and dietary fiber.


We are located at 903 Restertown Road, Poplarville, Mississippi.